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Build Actions for Google Assistant Codelab @ ETRO, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Room Weber)
Mar 29 @ 20:30 – 00:00

• What we’ll do
Join us in this event if you want to learn about the Google Assistant and try to add your own touch to it.
This is a global event series proposed by Google and we have decided to have one event hands on to create things together. All you need to bring is your laptop.

Agenda :
– 18h30: come on over, we’re about to start
– 18h45: intro as to what the Actions for Google Assistant are, and how to make them
– 19h15: we’ll make teams, let’s work by pair, maybe suggest some ideas
– 19h25: let’s go and create things
– 21h15: we stop everything do a demo of what we’ve build
– 22h00: we part ways having built something that will change humanity 😀

Information about setup might be sent a few days before the event if necessary, stay tuned.

So if it is something that would be of interest to you, join in. But know that places are limited, so as always I trust you guys to come if you register, and change your reservation if something come upso that we know who is coming.
Thanks for that, and see you all there !

• What to bring
laptop, motivation, good mood

• Important to know
Places are limited so please be considerate 🙂

Android: let’s talk about UI Design @ Computer Futures
Apr 25 @ 20:30 – 00:00

• What we’ll do
Let’s talk UI for a bit.
We have international speakers! We have the chance to welcome Jolanda Verhoef and Joey Kaan from Coolblue coming straight from Rotterdam to talk to use about something they have put together for their app.

And also from the Netherlands, GDE (Google Developer Expert) for Android and Product Strategy/Design, Wiebe Elsinga will come and talk to us about how to make your user happy.
Wiebe is a Lead Developer at Egeniq in The Netherlands. He has a passion for UX and design. He regularly speaks at Mobile Developer conferences, or is giving workshops.

This event is very graciously sponsored by Computer Futures (
It is a well established IT recruiting and contracting company. They are looking for new ways to bring skilled people together. With a proven track record in IT recruitment, they enjoy success within all sectors and business types. From single job vacancies to large-scale projects, their proficiency in providing exceptional professionals across the board has carved a reputation as a secure and significant supplier partner. A robust and financially strong business they have grown organically from their first office in London in 1986, to 16 offices in Europe; including Amsterdam, Antwerp, Berlin, Birmingham, Bristol, Brussels, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, London, Manchester, Munich, Paris, Rotterdam and Stuttgart, 7 offices in the USA; including Austin, Boston, Chicago, Houston, New York, San Diego and San Francisco, and 2 in Asia Pacific; including Singapore and Tokyo.

They will provide some snacks and drinks and a great place for the event.

– 18h30: welcome everyone, come on over and take a seat
– 19h00: Intro and welcome
– 19h15: Jolanda Verhoef & Joey Kaan from Coolblue will tell us all about Living UI Design Systems. What are they, why do you want to use them, what makes one successful? And more interestingly, why are there no native design systems? They propose a solution and will walk you through their sample code.
– 20h30: How do you satisfy your users? How do you make your app users happy?
But who are my app users, and what do they do with my app or want to see happen?
Wiebe Elsinga will share his experience on how to satisfy your users and improve the user experience.
– 21h15: Networking
– 22h00: the end

Hope to see you there in numbers.


• What to bring
Good mood is a must 🙂

• Important to know
Places are limited so please be considerate 🙂

I/O Extended 2018 Brussels @ Google Plex - Brussels
May 8 @ 20:30 – 00:00

• What we’ll do
That time of the year is upon us once more, Google I/O 2018 will start on May 8th and we would like to hold the yearly event so that we can all learn the new that will be announced from Google’s ovens by watching the live streaming of the keynote.
And this year again we are very fortunate to be able to host this event at the awesome room in Google Brussels offices.

It will be a great time to geek out, discover what new stuff they’re working on and after the keynote network and talk about all of that in a fun atmosphere and accompanied by some food and drinks, probably some swag … and I may have heard something about some raffle at the end to win some prices, only one way to know for sure!

– 18h30: doors are open, welcome and have a seat
– 19h00: livestream of the keynote
– 20h30: food and networking
– 22h00: the end

So if you want to be part of this, register and come on over.
As usual, please update your RSVP if you can’t come so that we have a good idea of who is coming, this helps us very much with the organisation.

See you there !


• What to bring

• Important to know
Please make sure to have your full first and last name as they are requested by security to know they can let in or not. Thanks for your understanding.