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And now @dggonzalez presenting #coroutines at @KugBel and @GDGBrussels. Clearly setting the bar pretty high 😉

Christophe presenting @Cowboy_HQ at the @KugBel and @GDGBrussels. If you are not there you are missing out!

Tonight we are at Cowboy bicycles in Brussels. Let's coroutine things together. #kotlin #talkingkotlin @GDGBrussels @kotlin

We have just announced our next Meetup: Introduction to Android programming with Kotlin with Jolanda Verhoef from Coolblue. #kotlin #Coolblue #talkingkotlin @Lojanda @Coolblue_BE

So much is happening in the background for our anniversary event! 💃 While everything is taking form, we'll just have to wait a little longer to reveal our speakers. But I can tell it will be great! 🤩

So ladies, hurry up and RSVP before it's too late!

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